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Celebrating History with Every Sip: The Story Behind Barleycorn's Three Mile Milk Stout

As we prepare for a memorable Mardi Gras celebration at Barleycorn's Brewhouse on February 13th, the spotlight isn't just on the festivities. It's also shining on the Three Mile Milk Stout, a beer that embodies the history and spirit of the local area, inspired by Threemile Creek and the rich past of Wilder, Kentucky.

A Stout with History

The Three Mile Milk Stout pays homage to the local heritage, taking its name from Threemile Creek. This significant waterway is three miles long and situated three miles from the Ohio River. Our stout mirrors the area's character: dark, creamy, and rich with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and coffee. It strikes a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, making it more than just a beer; it's a nod to our local lore and craftsmanship.

The Name's Origin

The name of our stout is inspired by the history surrounding Wilder and Threemile Creek. The creek's name comes from its length and its distance from the Ohio River, highlighting its local significance. The Threemile Creek Battery, constructed in 1861 during the Civil War, further emphasizes the area's historical importance.

Wilder, established on March 15, 1935, grew from the roots of the Andrews Steel Company/Newport Steel and the strategic Wilder Station. This area, rich in Civil War history and industrial development, has transformed from farmland to a city that balances growth

with its historical heritage.

Wilder's Evolution

Wilder's story is one of pioneering spirit and progress. From Leitch's Station, a pioneer site dating to 1789, to the Civil War batteries and the growth spurred by railroads and steel mills, Wilder has evolved while preserving its historical essence. The city's journey from agricultural lands to a place of industry and community reflects the dynamic history of the region.

Join the Celebration

This Mardi Gras, we're not just celebrating with great beer and festivities. We're honoring the history of Wilder and Three Mile Creek. The Three Mile Milk Stout represents the resilience, innovation, and spirit of our community.

So, come to Barleycorn's Brewhouse on February 13th at 6 PM. Be among the first 100 guests to order a pint of Three Mile and get a free pint glass. Let's toast to great beer, Mardi Gras joy, and the rich history that inspires our Three Mile Milk Stout.

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I find it interesting that Lakeside Park Barleycorn's is also known as the 5 mile house.

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