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This Easter weekend in Wilder, Kentucky, something special is brewing between Barleycorn’s Brewhouse and the legendary Papas Candies. We're joining forces once again to offer a collaboration that promises to make this Easter unforgettable.

On Saturday, March 30th, during brunch, we're excited to tap our newest brew, Papas Raspberry Milk Stout. This dark, rich stout blends chocolate, toffee, and coffee flavors with a hint of raspberry sweetness – the perfect Easter treat.

To make things even sweeter, each stout will be paired with a Papas Milk Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Egg. These seasonal favorites are a hallmark of Papas Candies’ Easter lineup and are only available for a few months each year.

We are proud to partner once again with a fellow Northern Kentucky brand known for its commitment to quality and tradition. It's said that it isn’t truly Easter in the Tri-state area without Papas Candies, and we are honored to be part of this beloved Easter tradition.

We'll be serving this limited edition brew all Easter weekend, until we run out, so you'd better hop over to enjoy a pint while it lasts!

We hear it pairs well with our weekend brunch, which will be available Easter weekend, from 10 am - 1 pm on Saturday and from 10 am - 3 pm on Easter Sunday.

Hoppy Easter from Barleycorn's Brewhouse and Papas Candies!

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As we prepare for a memorable Mardi Gras celebration at Barleycorn's Brewhouse on February 13th, the spotlight isn't just on the festivities. It's also shining on the Three Mile Milk Stout, a beer that embodies the history and spirit of the local area, inspired by Threemile Creek and the rich past of Wilder, Kentucky.

A Stout with History

The Three Mile Milk Stout pays homage to the local heritage, taking its name from Threemile Creek. This significant waterway is three miles long and situated three miles from the Ohio River. Our stout mirrors the area's character: dark, creamy, and rich with flavors of chocolate, toffee, and coffee. It strikes a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness, making it more than just a beer; it's a nod to our local lore and craftsmanship.

The Name's Origin

The name of our stout is inspired by the history surrounding Wilder and Threemile Creek. The creek's name comes from its length and its distance from the Ohio River, highlighting its local significance. The Threemile Creek Battery, constructed in 1861 during the Civil War, further emphasizes the area's historical importance.

Wilder, established on March 15, 1935, grew from the roots of the Andrews Steel Company/Newport Steel and the strategic Wilder Station. This area, rich in Civil War history and industrial development, has transformed from farmland to a city that balances growth

with its historical heritage.

Wilder's Evolution

Wilder's story is one of pioneering spirit and progress. From Leitch's Station, a pioneer site dating to 1789, to the Civil War batteries and the growth spurred by railroads and steel mills, Wilder has evolved while preserving its historical essence. The city's journey from agricultural lands to a place of industry and community reflects the dynamic history of the region.

Join the Celebration

This Mardi Gras, we're not just celebrating with great beer and festivities. We're honoring the history of Wilder and Three Mile Creek. The Three Mile Milk Stout represents the resilience, innovation, and spirit of our community.

So, come to Barleycorn's Brewhouse on February 13th at 6 PM. Be among the first 100 guests to order a pint of Three Mile and get a free pint glass. Let's toast to great beer, Mardi Gras joy, and the rich history that inspires our Three Mile Milk Stout.

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Valentine's Day Beer and Chocolate Pairing

In the heart of Wilder, Kentucky, two beloved local brands are coming together for a special Valentine's Day event. Barleycorn's Brewhouse is excited to announce their partnership with the legendary Papas Candies. This partnership is set to bring you a fun filled Valentine's Day Beer and Chocolate Pairing event on February 14th, 2024, from 6 PM to 8 PM.

To celebrate their partnership, Papas Candies and Barleycorn's Brewhouse are hosting a Valentine's Day Beer and Chocolate Pairing event. For just $20 per ticket, guests can indulge in four specially crafted chocolates paired with a flight of locally crafted beers. The pairings include Wildfire Red Ale with DK Raspberry Cream, Route 9 Lager with Milk French Cream, 3 Mile Milk Stout with Milk Coconut Cream, and Berna Ditty (Winter Warmer) with DK Maple Nut.

In addition to this decadent experience, ticket holders will enjoy a brewery tour, a take-home box of Papas Candies famous chocolates, and a 10% Brewhouse retail discount. It's an evening filled with love, history, and flavors that will leave a lasting impression.  Tickets are available here:

A Sweet Beginning: The History of Papas Candies:

The story of Papas Candies begins with Christus "Chris" A. Papas, a Greek immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1909 and settled in Cincinnati. Chris, along with his son Alex, initially worked odd jobs cleaning furnaces and delivering coal. In his spare time, Chris started making candies in the basement of his home, which he would sell on street corners.

Chris Papas working in the chocolate shop. Courtesy of the Kenton County Library.
Chris Papas working in the chocolate shop. Courtesy of the Kenton County Library.

By 1928, Chris was ready to turn his candy-making passion into a full-time business. He opened a candy shop near Cincinnati's Music Hall and later moved to Covington, where he opened Lily's Candy Shop in 1935, named in honor of his wife. Lily's became a beloved spot, offering chocolates, ice cream, and a soda fountain. Chris Papas retired in 1951 due to health issues, passing the torch to his daughter, Katherine, who continued to run Lily's.

Chris Papas working in the chocolate shop. Courtesy of the Kenton County Library.Under Alex's leadership, Papas Candies saw remarkable growth. He expanded the business, acquired other candy companies, and introduced iconic Easter candies, including marshmallow-filled eggs and dark chocolate eggs filled with opera cream. The tradition of making over 80,000 candy eggs a day during the Easter season became synonymous with Papas Candies.

In 1986, Alex passed the business to his sons, Carl and Chris, ensuring that the legacy of Papas Candies continued. The company's commitment to quality and tradition lives on, making it a beloved institution in the Tri-State area.

Barleycorn's Cheers to 50 years:

Barleycorn's, another beloved institution in the Tri-State area, has its roots traced back to its founder, Ken Heil. He opened the first Barleycorn's restaurant in downtown Cincinnati, originally named Barleycorn's Aluminum Sash and Storm Door Co. Inc., catering to the after-work crowd. Over time, Barleycorn's expanded to three Northern Kentucky locations in Cold Spring, Lakeside Park, and Florence.

What sets Barleycorn's apart is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. With a focus on quality food, outstanding service, and a friendly staff, Barleycorn's has built a reputation for excellence. 

Originally the Five Mile House, its name was changed in 1921 to Dixie Inn, but later changed to just Retschulte's, the proprietor's name. It later became Barleycorns. Courtesy of Northern Kentucky Views.
Originally the Five Mile House, its name was changed in 1921 to Dixie Inn, but later changed to just Retschulte's, the proprietor's name. It later became Barleycorns. Courtesy of Northern Kentucky Views.

Barleycorn's not only values its employees but also gives back to the community. Over the years, they have supported numerous organizations, including local schools, medical research centers, foundations, and Special Olympics. Their dedication to their community is a testament to their success.

In August 2022, Barleycorn's expanded its offerings with the opening of Barleycorn's Brewhouse in Wilder, Kentucky. This addition marked a new chapter in the brand's history, specializing in traditional beer styles such as lagers, pilsners, and IPAs. The brewery, equipped with a five-barrel brewhouse and additional fermentation capacity, has the capacity to produce up to 600 barrels of craft beer annually.

Barleycorn's Brewhouse also offers an inviting atmosphere for patrons, including indoor and outdoor patio dining and even a dog-friendly patio with a fenced relief area. With a commitment to quality and community, Barleycorn's continues to thrive and make an impact on the Northern Kentucky area.

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